Driverless Mobility Rethinking mobility

The race for autonomous vehicle leadership has begun

Autonomous vehicle technology has made great progress. The first driverless cars are likely to appear in the market within the next three to five years. They will fundamentally transform the automotive industry and affect many aspects of our lives, society and economic organization. This great transformation will challenge many established businesses and will lead to the creation of a wide a range of new products and services. We provide consulting services to help your business take advantage of the opportunities which this technology provides and to minimize the risks.

Misconceptions about autonomous vehicles

As the technology moves so quickly, many false notions have spread. One of the worst misconceptions is the idea of a gradual evolution from driver-assistance systems to fully autonomous vehicles. This underestimates the problems associated with autonomous driving and is based on the unsuitable analogy of the 'auto-pilot' in an airplane. Read our free report "Supervising autonomous cars on autopilot: A hazardous idea".

Driverless car white paper by KPMG: Why own a car?

When KPMG released their first white paper on self-driving cars in late 2012, we were surprised at how little thought they had given to the disruptive potential of fleets of driverless vehicles.They have corrected this now and a major headline and probably the guiding question of the report is: Continue reading...

How does this technology impact you?

Progress in driverless technology is picking up speed. The dates when the first fully autonomous vehicles will be operating in some urban settings are being revised forward. Several organizations plan to have such vehicles in operation by 2017. Most industries will be affected, not just the auto industry and logistics! We can help you to prepare for impacts and opportunities of this technology.